10 Reasons Why You Want to Say Yes to Yatay


10 Reasons Why Yatay Cork Yoga Mats are Special

Yoga mats come in all shapes, sizes, textures, weights. It's safe to say (pretty much) if you can do yoga on it, it can be called a yoga mat! 

So why on earth would you choose Yatay Cork Yoga Mats? The more apt question is why would you not!


10 Reasons Yatay Make the Best Cork Yoga Mats


1. Yatay Cork Yoga Mats are Beautiful. The mats were conceived out of a love of using natural and sustainable materials as fabric, and an understanding that current mats were very flawed and the users deserved better. Part of this involved designing a mat that was functional, but beautiful to behold and something to cherish and be proud of.

2. They work, very very well. The aim for Yatay was to design and create a mat would fix all of the existing problems with every other Yoga Mat. A tall ask, but a worthy cause. Yatay Mats are:

3. Lightweight and easy to carry, weighting just 900g

4. They are extremely grippy and get grippier the more you sweat meaning high-pressure moves like downward dog are completed with perfect precision. 

5. Yatay Cork Yoga Mats are thick - most environmentally friendly yoga mats weigh around and over 2kg and are on average just 3mm thick. This means they are cumbersome and not that comfortable to use. Yatay mats are neither of these. The 5mm thick cushioning is the perfect thickness to support your bones and joints and give you a stable yoga experience.

6. Our mats contain no Latex or harsh chemicals such as Phthalates which means you are always safe when using them.

7. They are Hypo-Allergenic which means you will never be allergic to them.

8. Yatay Cork Yoga Mats are also Anti-Microbial which means after your workout, any bacteria on the mat will die. This also means any smells that would otherwise form simply don't!

9. Unlike many other cork mats, Yatay Cork Yoga Mats don't crack or peel which means you can use it as normal, and it will last!

10. We are continuously looking for new ways to support charities and communities, and this will be a continuous journey as we grow. Our business is happiness, enjoyment and a better life. And we don't believe this should just stop with our customers. 


Yoga is as much a spiritual practice as it is a physical one, and you'll be on your mat getting centred time and time again. Practising on an organic surface, with a supportive base can make the difference between doing yoga, and loving it. 

Take a look here and make your next hard decision. Which colour is your favourite!

The Yatay Team.






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