Continuous Development -Yatay is YOUR Brand Lesson #2

Yatay Cork Yoga Mats are now Customisable with Our Organic Cotton Carrying Straps

We have always wanted to offer you a customised and personal experience. Being able to choose the colour of your Yatay Cork Yoga Mat and then customise it with your own choice of Cotton Carrying Strap was our initial vision, but at the very beginning, this was thwarted. 

Since our launch you have been asking for this feature and today, we are proud to say that we can now offer it! 

Thank you, every one of you, who has and will continue to let us know what you would love see come to fruition. You are helping to make Yatay something extraordinary. This is very much your brand, you make it!

Take a look at our current strap range here. You can also add it to your mat order here and SAVE 1/3 RRP here!

The Yatay Team

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