Halloween Special: Victims of our success!

Halloween Chills as we Update our Waiting List!

The moment that we, like so many of you, have been waiting for is finally here. Our new Cork Yoga Blocks, Wheels, Bags and Mats are have arrived. We will be able to (where's that fingers crossed emoji) send them out in the first week of November!
There is however some hallowing news for you. As some of you may know, we were at the OM Yoga Show in London this year. If you caught us on the Saturday or Sunday, you may even know that during the show, we completely sold out of one of our colours of Yoga mat! Spring Zephyr.
Though this does sound like an apocalyptic nightmare, all it means is that if you want that specific colour, there will be an extra week or so delay, so nothing to keep you awake at night, unlike that hand that'll reach from under the bed to grab your feet as you sleep tonight.
I also want to update you on which other mats are on this brand new waiting list.
1.Spring Zephyr
2. Cosmic Sky
If you do have any questions, please do get in touch with us at enquiries@yatayyoga.com otherwise enjoy your new kit. We can't help that there's so much love for Yatay that we ran out, but we can help by making your Yatay experience hauntingly good. 
Right! Enough of that! 
Speak soon,
Founder of Yatay

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