How to maintain your Yatay Cork Yoga Mat

How to Maintain Your Yatay Cork Yoga Mat

It's often a claim that's thrown about, but maintaining your Yatay Cork Yoga mat very truly can't get much easier.

All of our mats are naturally anti-microbial, which simply means that any bacteria on them will die. This means that once you're done, any natural bacteria that made it's way onto the mat will go. This also means that unlike the ones in the gym, your mat won't start to develop a funk!

Yatay Cork Yoga Mat - Cleaning and Maintaining Your Cork Yoga Mat

What to do if you want to clean it.


Step 1: Wipe off any surface dirt

Step 2: With a cloth/towel and water wipe the areas you want to clean.


And that's it! The cork is an unvarnished wood so the water will evaporate after this and you'll have a dry, clean mat ready for use later. After doing this, it helps to let it dry before it's rolled up. But if you forget this, there's also no need to worry!

If you wish to clean your Yatay Cork Yoga Mat with something a little more abrasive than water, use products that aren't going to break down the materials. Bleach for example is not advised to be used with our mats. 

When cleaning the mats, avoid scouring pads or other course scrubbers because as with every other yoga mat, it will speed up the surface wear.

Note: Do not put your Yoga Mat in the washing machine. There are no additional benefits to doing this over wiping your mat.

Also, note: Using oil-based products on your Yatay Cork Yoga Mats may leave residue marks. This is because the cork is porous. It will not however affect the mat's performance if you did do so. For use of additional products on our mats, the best and most natural way forward is water-based products; and if it's added grip you're looking for. Try just using water. It works wonders!

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