Nominated as "Best Non-Slip Yoga Mat"

Yatay's Cork Yoga Mat is the "Best Non-Slip Yoga Mat"

It's not our thing, boasting about ourselves, so it's always so lovely when we see that other people are! Because then we can do this...(sharing is caring after all!)
The sensational Queen of Retreats have kindly chosen our beautiful cork yoga mats to win their place as "Best Non-slip Yoga Mat". 
If the beaming product reviews don't do it for you, perhaps this might offer the final piece of reassurance you needed to step away from the more traditional plastic and rubber mats, and onto a completely different and natural feeling approach to high-performance yoga!
Here's what she said:


The Cork Yoga Mat
A cork yoga mat is my go to when I want a firm, natural surface which also has some give. I love Yatay for the underside which comes in a choice of 7 bright colours and the palm tree motif which soon has me imagining myself on a tropical beach – with the cork as sand?! It’s also that bit wider than a standard mat, which is good for lying twists and any circular movements on your mat. The Cork Yoga Mat, £59.99
For more about what Queen of retreats is doing, take a look here.

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