Our Savings Are Your Savings, not Just The Best Cork Yoga Mats!

Our Savings Are Your Savings


Wherever we can we, want to make our Cork Yoga Mats and Organic Cotton Carrying Straps as accessible for you as possible; and when we launch our up-coming equipment too, it'll be the same story.

We recently changed the way you order your Cork Yoga Mats making them more customisable. This change also meant that you could also be a part of Yatay without having one of our Cork Yoga Mats, by using one of our Carrying Straps.

Initially, these straps were £9.99 but we have since negotiated a better shipping rate and have passed the savings directly on to you! 

Our straps are now only £7.99 with free delivery when bough individually, or £4.99 when purchased with a Yatay Cork Mat

We will keep working on new ways to make Yatay better for you and letting you know what actions we take.

The Yatay Team


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