Continuous Development - Growing Introduction and Lesson #1

Our Commitment to Continuous Development

What we set out to do at the very beginning was to change the face of Yoga. For many, the spiritual and beneficial practice of Yoga had become protracted and perhaps in many ways had even lost its way.

We designed an initial product that we believed remedied many of the problems and pet-peeves associated with the core equipment of Yoga, the mat. We achieved this and this will continue to be an area we explore. 

We have a Yoga Cork Mat that outperforms - as far as we understand - every other cork and non-cork yoga mat on the market. 

The next step for us (one of many simultaneous steps) was becoming even better than we already were at being a trustworthy, reliable and an enjoyable business to be a part of as a user. What you will find today and with every other entry in this TAG is a series of insights, problems, areas where we messed up and more. 

We are committed to growing and being the best that we can be, and we are not at all ashamed to let you know where we mess up, and in the same breath, how we grew and fixed it. 

#1 What do we REALLY want

At Yatay, while we have a number of objectives including sustainable manufacture for a sustainable future and creating beautiful products to behold; our primary goal is to provide you with the best experience of Yoga. This will be an objective we face again and again as we grow.

Number #1 is providing the best experience to EVERYONE. We priced our mats to achieve this, but we have up until recently not made it so easy for countries outside of the EU and the US & Canada to access our Cork Yoga Mats.

Thanks to a customer's interest from one of these countries, we came up with some solutions. 

We now offer FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING with any order of 2 or more Yatay Cork Yoga Mats.

Yatay Cork Yoga Mat

What this means is that we already have more happy customers across the globe who will be enjoying our mats, like Daniella.


If you want to be a part of something special and grow with us as we do our darnedest to change the world, get involved and choose which mat you'd like us to send you HERE.

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