Super Duper Sustainable Announcement!

Our Latest Development, Our Greatest Achievements


Did you know that last October, the 19th to be exact, was the Official Launch of Yatay?!

We met so many of you at the Alexandra Palace OM Yoga Show in London for our debut show and I think we all fell in love with one another, like some yogic polyamorous tribe! 

We started off with just a couple of yoga mat colours and straps, and grew, and grew.

"Here, have even more value, I appreciate you!"

Today we are announcing an exciting extension to our sustainable range of yoga equipment (where are those trumpets...)

We have designed wonderful new colours, Morning Mist, Wild Poppy and Saffron Sun. 

New straps, Nude and Silver.

A Beautifully crafted, lightweight Cork Yoga Mat Bag to carry the new XL mats.

New Cork Blocks, and they're built to be both beautiful and last and well, look at them! 

In addition to this, we have upgraded every mat that we have from 183cm long x 61cm wide to 188cm long and 68cm wide, that's super long! Oh, and this is all for the same price. So it's not some fancy sales tactic, it's literally, "Here, have even more value, I appreciate you!"

I've written about our latest developments, but conversely, these are not our greatest achievements. More to the point, those aren't MY greatest achievements. I created Yatay to extend the personal impact I have with my coaching clients and change the world (for the better) on a larger scale. Making good equipment and enjoyable experiences more accessible, and making yoga more of a pleasant, rewarding and future enriching practice. 

My biggest achievement is having you on my team and helping this dream to come to fruition.

The warmest of wishes! 


P.s, Whether you already have some equipment or get involved today, do make sure you review your kit for us! This is so important for us. Thank you!

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