The Resolution - Yoga with Yatay Cork Yoga Mats

The Resolution - Yoga with Yatay Cork Yoga Mats


You lived 2017 to your fullest, but with 2018 fast approaching you've reasoned with yourself, and decided to take action on those things that you told yourself you 'should' have been doing back then.

Should is an uncomfortable pressure though, isn't it. Particularly with Yoga. You know it's not something you 'should' do, it's something you want to do.

This year then doesn't have to be the year those things you want to be never happened, instead, it can be the year you commit to living!

We want to be there for you, like you have for us. To welcome in 2018, we're giving you 15% OFF our Dark Matter Range of Cork Yoga Mats with Discount Code: DM15

If you hadn't realised Yoga is something you wanted to do this year, here are 10 Undeniable reasons why Yoga is great for you, via the Huffington Post.


1. Yoga is the ultimate stress reliever.

Feeling a little high-strung? Head to a yoga studio. Research shows the practice can reduce stress levels and lower blood pressure. Yoga may even reduce symptoms of more serious mental health issues like anxiety.

2. It's a good workout.

Yoga may not scream "heart pumping cardio," but trust us, it's one of the best ways to get some exercise. Research shows yoga is a healthy way to lose weight, particularly for middle-age individuals. Take that, elliptical.

3. It's an excellent way to strength train.

Yoga engages so many muscle groups, from your core to your arms. It's a great way to swap your weights every once and a while for something different. Don't believe us? Try these moves and feel the burn.

4. It can make your mind sharper.

Boost that noggin with a few Sun Salutations or Downward Dog poses. Exercise is a natural way to sharpen your memory. Yoga, in particular, may also help boost brain function and improve reaction time post-workout, Runner's World reported.

5. Yoga can ease pain.

Neck pain, knee pain, back pain... you get the idea. Yoga is the antidote to these types of ailments. The practice can help relieve chronic pain, according to Harvard Medical School. Here are a few yoga moves you can try the next time your body is begging for a little relief.


6. It can help you sleep.

Forget the sleep aids, allow yoga to lull you into a soft slumber. Research shows the practice can help with insomnia. And with it's calming benefits, there's no doubt your mind will be relaxed and prepped for rest. Try one of these nighttime yoga moves for better sleep.

7. The practice could be good for migraines.

Head pain, begone. A 2007 study found that yoga helped reduce the frequency and intensity of migraines in sufferers. Talk about therapeutic.

8. It can put you in the mood.

If you want to turn up the heat in the bedroom, you might want to head to the yoga studio first. Research suggests the activity can increase sexual satisfaction. And here's proof it's not just a female activity: Studies show that sexual performance is enhanced for both women and men when they practice yoga.

9. It makes you more flexible and balanced.

Say goodbye to klutziness. A regular yoga practice can help improve your balance and muscle flexibility. And don't stress if you're a beginner: There are ways to modify yoga poses to fit your not-so-limber limbs until you're a more seasoned pro. Check out these moves to help you get started.

10. It may lead to a happier state of mind.

Who wouldn't have a joyful disposition after they've just had a calming, yet challenging workout? Studies suggest that practicing yoga can boost your mood. Namaste to that.

Ready to hit the mat?


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