Yoga Can Increase The Risk Infertility and Reproductive Problems

Yoga Can Increase The Risk Infertility and Reproductive Problems 

It may come as a shock to you, but unfortunately that 'increase' up there is not a mistake. Worse still, this information isn't exactly new either. 

But there is a little more to it than that. It's not yoga itself that increases the risk of reproductive problems. It's actually the equipment you're choosing to use whilst doing it.

It's been over two decades since lengthy research began to explore the impact of Phthalates on our bodies. As early as the 20th Century, scientists were aware of the problems associated with these chemicals and the resulting damage caused to both male and female reproductive systems. 

Phthalates are a family of chemicals added to plastics to increase their flexibility, yet make them harder to break. Most conventional consumer products, contain phthalates including:

  • packaged food and beverages
  • fragrances – perfumes and colognes
  • cosmetics
  • body and hair care products – shampoos, styling products, body wash, bath gel and shaving cream
  • children’s clothing and soft children’s toys
  • building materials (PVC to name one)
  • home-decorating materials (paint for example)
  • cleaning products and laundry detergents
  • medical devices

However, many Yoga Mats and other Yoga Equipment Contain Phthalates.

While we are clearly a long way from being able to escape these chemicals completely, we can reduce our contact time with them. And you'll want to, because they can result in infertility, reduced testosterone levels and cause abnormal development of the male reproductive system while in utero. Phthalates have also been linked to and may cause allergies, asthma, and hormone disruption in both men and women. As if all of this wasn’t concerning enough, phthalates are also linked to recurrent miscarriage.

While this sounds anecdotal, it has some real-life implications. It can make being able to conceive difficult or impossible. 

Yatay Cork Yoga Mat

"Yatay Cork Yoga Mats and Cotton Straps are 100% Completely Phthalate Free"

Researchers from Massachusetts General Hospital looked at 231 women who underwent IVF procedures at the hospital between 2004 and 2012, tracking their exposure to four major phthalates by collecting urine samples from the participants at several different points throughout their treatment.

Almost all of the women had been exposed to phthalates. But the ones who had the most phthalates in their systems were twice as likely to suffer from implantation failure as the ones with the lowest levels.

Like most plastics, the degradation of the material is where an even greater deal of the damage is dealt. When exposed to heat, moisture and friction the material will begin to break down and further release these chemicals. If in the case of Yoga Mats and blocks your skin is in contact with them, those chemicals will enter your body.

The Harvard School of Public Health confirms the risks involved with Phthalates and pregnancy loss and infertility, and advises to reduce contact and consumption. 

There are 6 Phthalates that have been identified as very hazardous with risks of infertility, cancers, organ failures to name just a few, but 16 Phthalates in total and not all of them having been extensively researched. 

All Yatay Cork Yoga Mats and Straps are completely 100% Phthalate Free. That means you can practice as much as your heart desires knowing that we're helping to protect your future as much as you are. 

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