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Becky Boucherat

I am a Bristol based, recently qualified 200hr Vinyasa Yoga Teacher. My style is flowing, playful and nurturing. I enjoy a practice that builds heat and strength in the body, while also allowing us to listen to our own body’s needs with self-compassion.

I was originally drawn to yoga in 2010, partly as an alternative to dance classes but more so as a way of calming my very hectic mind. As someone who finds it hard to articulate what I’m going through with words, my body became my tool for exploring and processing these emotions. Yoga has the potential to be such a powerful way of healing, developing confidence, compassion, positivity and a stronger resilience to life. And of course it has amazing physical benefits, too.

Yoga’s way of healing and strengthening the mind, via the body, is more and more where my focus has gravitated. We know what we’re doing feels good and brings more balance to our minds and bodies, but to delve into the ‘why’ behind this - the neuroscience, biology and scientific research - is so fascinating! This is a realm I aim to explore more of within my teaching and also in my articles for Yatay Yoga… along with various other pockets of curiosity in the yoga world!

It’s a wonderful opportunity to support Yatay Yoga as an ambassador. In a world of excessive consumerism, plastic waste and materialistic trends, their work is so important! Beyond their mats being beautiful and feeling great to practice on, you can trust them to be 100% environmentally friendly. We can make a difference through the products we choose. Just as our practice starts on the mat and continues off the mat into daily life, so can our environmental impact.

Learn more about Becky here:

Personal Instagram: @booshtakesphotos

Dinyasa Yoga Instagram: @dinyasa_yoga (still in exciting progress)


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