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Jane Morgan Jones

My background is in martial arts. I began with Karate and achieved a 3rd Dan black belt, and was a member of the British team for many years. I practiced yoga throughout my karate career as it complimented my practice and gave me more flexibility and strength not only in body but also in mind.
My daily practice truly helped me achieve a silver medal in the world championships and also to be 4 times British champion. It was a natural progression on retiring from competition to return to yoga and deciding to qualify to teach.
I chose Zenways to train as I felt the Zen aspect suited my background.  My mentor and teacher Daizan spent 28 years studying Zen yoga in a monastery in Japan. He taught me principles and techniques to equip me for a lifetime of learning and evolving which I endeavour to pass on to my students. This system has also allowed me to introduce aspects of my 35 years of karate experience into my teaching.
My classes are challenging but in an accessible way and are definitely fun and friendly. It has become a privilege to teach and I truly believe I have found my vocation. 
I have also trained and have a teaching qualification with Danielle Collins, The leading face yoga expert.
I have a qualification with “ special yoga” allowing me to teach elderly people and those with special needs. 
Last but not least I am a qualified to teach aerial yoga!
Love and best wishes,
Personal Instagram: @janemorganjones
Jane is now a resident instructor at Spectrum Retreats Dalyan.
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  • Dave Hudson Harvey On

    “ Teach elderly people “ !!
    I’m in 😎

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