Cork Yoga Block | Hypoallergenic and Sustainable | Yatay

Cork Yoga Block | Hypoallergenic and Sustainable | Yatay

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Cork Yoga Block

Extremely high-quality composition and finish
Gets grippier as you sweat
100% Recyclable and sustainably made. 
Hypo-allergenic and Anti-Microbial (kills bacteria organically)


    You'll be familiar with the concept of a cork yoga block. Take a natural, sustainable material that's antimicrobial and strong and use it to aid your practice.

    You might not however be familiar with the level of quality as with Yatay Cork Yoga Blocks. In keeping with our ethos of providing high quality, accessible and sustainable yoga equipment, we have designed this beautiful, durable cork block.

    It is smooth and constructed using large, whole pieces of cork. This is instead of the dusty mulch you may be familiar with. This means our blocks look beautiful and can be enjoyed for a great deal longer!


    Size: 9 inches Long x 4 inches Wide x 6 inches Thick