Yatay Life Coaching

You've just invested in your body and your spirit, is it time now to invest in your mind too?

Yatay is founded on the premise of continuous growth through service and high quality delivery, and we achieve this by providing access to future-proof equipment.

But did you know we also provide access to a unique structure of psychological and personal development coaching too? 

Our founder, Skyler Shah who is a successful Author, Public Speaker, Business Coach and Life Coach leads one-to-one and group sessions with ambitious people who really want to make an impact.

For years Skyler has worked with top executives and business owners, creating harmonious and effective teams, and inspiring individuals to strive, thrive and live more fulfilling and enjoyable lives. It was this knowledge that led him to create Yatay, to bring that positive impact and growth to more people directly, and to create change on a wider scale. 

Following his TED talk and the release of his book, he has been an advocate of living a full life, designing his own to suit his dreams. If like him, having the time to travel South America, run an exciting business and work with inspiring individuals to cultivate greatness is what you want, you'll be in safe hands!


But whatever it is that you want, just know that it is not out of reach, and really is very much closer than you might believe.

If there is something that you want, a way of being, a way of thinking, a way of life, get in touch. What results could be life changing.

If you think you're ready to smooth out your pathway to where you want to be, send an email to Skyler at: getstarted@theprosperitycoach.co.uk


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Get your signed copy of Skyler's book here.