Are Yatay Cork Yoga Mats They Actually Grippy?


Simply put, yes. Yatay Cork Yoga Mats are quite possibly the grippiest mats around. And certainly the grippiest natural Yoga Mats on sale today, with or without Latex.

If you get sweaty palms and feet you are in additional luck. The more you sweat the more our Yatay Cork Yoga Mats Grip. 

This may lead you to worry about hygiene, we have you covered there too. Both the rubber and cork have closed-cell technology which means they don't absorb any nasties, and what's better. The cork is anti-microbial which means it actively kills bacteria.

Your only requirement with our mats is to use them. If you want to clean them, use a damp cloth and water and let it dry. 

TOP TIP: If you're not a particularly sweaty user, dampen your hands and feet beforehand for additional grip!

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